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Free Chess Database Software to Download

SCID free chess databaseThis is a software to manage chess games’ databases. Some friends has been asking for a way to reproduce the chess games’ collections that we are publishing here, so… here you are, you can download it totally for free. This software is called SCID (“Shane’s Chess Information Database”), and it’s completely free. I consider ChessBase or ChessAssistant better softwares, more professionals and with better features, but to use them you have to pay for them, or hack them, thing I do not recommend. But, hey, this is free! :)

This software was developed by Shane Hudson and Pascal Georges. All the merit is for them. This is the website: http://scid.sourceforge.net/index.html

Last version for Windows: SCID WINDOWS

Last version for Mac: SCID MAC

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    Thanx guys very much for the enlightenment. your teachings are living

    Botswana, Gaborone (Africa)

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