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Stranger in Paradise

Stranger in Paradise

Are you a beginner? Did you learn a little while ago how to move the pieces and you stumbled upon  Chess For Real searching on Internet? And, of course, you came here because you want to know more about this game that you are already in love, or maybe just for a more earthly reason:
  • You want to beat your everyday rival, because loosing always sucks and is humiliating
  • You want to be able to avoid those openings traps that makes you loose the game in just a few moves
  • Or be able to prevent those fulminant checkmates in one or two moves that you don’t know where they came from
  • Or, in the best case, you want to learn how to knock down the game  when you are a queen or a rook up against your opponent’s naked king (who, by the way, is making fun of you because you can’t win even with so much advantage)…

 Well, there are plans for you too.

Of course, it won’t be here, but we will implement an online course with all the essential elements of the game and more (general principles of the game, tactic ability, strategies, endgames, and let you know about the chess history and its culture). We have to do it this way, because it’s not good you coming here, all in love with the game and, suddenly, you feel like you are in the middle of a rocket science conference… of course chess is not rocket science (is a lot better!), but burn learning stages has never been a good idea.

We are preparing a website for beginners named LearningChessOnline.com. I advise you to subscribe to our email list in the little form to your right.
This way: …
  • I will let you know when LearningChessOnline is up and running. …
  • I will notify you about interesting articles published in this website. At least you will be in touch with our “little world”
  • As I always say, I promise not to drown your inbox with spam. “Life is too short for Chess”, like Lord Byron used to say, so why wasting time with other silly stuff.
Also, if you know some friend interested (even your everyday oponent! :) ) in this kind of websites, (ChessForReal.com and LearningChessOnline.com), let him know by the social tools (Facebook, Twitter, email) that are below this text. This way the message will spread faster.
Thanks a lot for your interest in Chess For Real
Carlos Pujol, Maestro de la FIDE
Ad Majorem Caissa Gloriam! :)

44 Responses to “Beginners”

  1. Karlene Dennis says:

    Hi I live in Trinidad, West Indies (in the Caribbean) and my 9 year old daughter plays chess, but she has no one to practice and I really want to learn because she is interested in playing tournaments and I am totally clueless. Can you please help me.

    Thanks in advance

    • Carlos says:

      Hi Karlene!

      Well, for now this site is not for beginners, but I think some tips can help those who want to improve. As I say here, stay tuned because I want to open a site just for beginners. However, if you want to learn how to play chess, I recommend you this page, just to learn how to move the pieces: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess (later, just email me for more)
      Also, there is some websites from your country, http://www.chesstt.org/ and http://www.ttchess.com/ that I think your daughter will be interested in. Check it out.

      Welcome to our world! :)

  2. Karlene Dennis says:

    Thank you so much. So far she has played in 4 tournaments and she got 4 medals and she wants to start winning trophies now but she has no one to practice with

  3. Adib says:

    I’m in the chess club but I’m probably the worst player there. I was just looking for a site to help and this came up. I can’t wait untill your site is up and running

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